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Transfer of Marriage Documents

Whenever a couple prepares for the sacrament of matrimony in the Diocese of San Bernardino, a marriage file filled with the documents and paperwork related to the couple is created. It is to be retained at the church where the marriage takes place. When the couple is prepared for marriage in this diocese, and the marriage is going to take place in a Catholic Church in a different diocese (regardless of where in the world that might be), the marriage file may first come to the Office of Canonical Services.

Consequently, it is very important that we receive the marriage file from the priest or deacon preparing the couple for marriage at least three months before the marriage is scheduled to take place. After we review the documents we will forward the file to the diocese or parish where the wedding will take place. Simply mail the whole file to our office, along with the name and address of the church where the marriage will take place, and along with the name of the priest or deacon who will be celebrating the wedding, and we will forward the documents. There is no fee for this service. 

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