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The Office of Canonical Services offers a variety of help to those seeking an annulment or attempting to get married in another diocese. 

Training Classes


We offer Advocacy Training Classes for those who - with the recommendation of their pastor - would like to be engaged in the ministry of helping Petitioners prepare a good Petition for an annulment and of accompanying Petitioners throughout the process of the investigation of nullity.



Transfer of Documents


Whenever a couple prepares for marriage in the Diocese of San Bernardino and wishes to get married in another diocese, the Transfer of Marriage Documents may take place through the respective diocesan offices. 



Annulment Preparation Day


Twice a year the staff of the Office of Canonical Services goes to a parish to meet with people who would like to file a Petition for an annulment. At this Annulment Preparation Day individuals from parishes are invited to make an appointment through our office to meet with our staff so that we can review the Petitioner's written narrative and paperwork and answer any questions.



Annulment Case Status


On average, it takes two years for our office to complete a Formal Petition for a Declaration of Nullity of Marriage. Instead of calling our office for updates, the Petitioner can check the Annulment Case Status online. 


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