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My dear brothers and sisters, my most fervent prayer is that you and your families are healthy and safe. Nothing is as important as that. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our office has remained open. However, the office is still not open to visitors at this time. During these days, email remains the most efficient way for us to continue working on your case, but we are also in the office to answer your calls.  Know that if we have an email address and phone number for you and the other parties in your case, then annulment cases (as well as other paperwork) may move more quickly.  
During the upcoming weeks and months, please be assured of our prayers for health, work, and peace for you and your family. May God bless and save us. 

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Annulment Preparation Day

Nothing planned at this time 

Advocacy Classes

Advocacy Training classes begin April 15, 2023. Click on view more tab for information and application. 

From the Judicial Vicar

The Code of Canon Law has been called the final document of Vatican II. It is a practical and concrete application of the theology of the Catholic Church. We believe God has given us some laws not just for the good ordering of society and for the protection of the most vulnerable, but we also believe that God's law is a sign of His love for us, and following His laws is the best and most joyful way for us to live.

The Office of Canonical Services helps in the application of the laws of God and the Catholic Church in many situations. Although our office deals mostly with marriage annulments, there are other services our office provides for the good of the mission of the Catholic Church and our diocese. On this website you will find Resources such as diocesan policies regarding marriage preparation and funerals, mass stipends, how to enter information in the parish sacramental books, a list of valid and invalid baptisms, and a handy guide for navigating common pastoral situations in the parish. We also offer Services such as the training of parish advocates, the transfer of marriage documents between dioceses, and annulment preparation days in the parish (where the tribunal staff visits a parish and meets with those interested in beginning the annulment process). Of course, if you ever have questions regarding annulments or other canonical questions, please call or send an email.

                                                                                                Fr. David Andel, J.C.L.

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